Hey! Chief, let's rap, why not!?

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There is really nothing new to say about Gwen Stefani and her creepy Asian fetish... Still, people buy into that sort of gag all of the time, and it's being sold all the time. SOMEONE needs to staff the cultural pavillions at Epcott Center, someone needs to fill the pages of Asian Babes. And seriously though, who are you gonna call when you need someone to model for the "Hot Import Nights" car show?

I didn't even notice that there on the front page of the Asahi Shimbun newspaper on new years day was old Gwen and her pack of the smartest dumb girls to ever cash in on their heritage. The gist of the matter is that "kawaii culture" is catching on all over the world! Hey, true or not, (I think not), it makes a much kinder and gentler story than "White devil-woman uses race card to pimp LA whores, sell albums...". Gwen isn't really a household name in Japan, and frankly I could care less if she becomes one... Nobody's ruining my good time except for the wretched economy. It's hard to say what the consensus is, nobody really knows about her, but then--- I haven't exactly been polling the streets (nor do I care to), to find out what people think. Those (Japanese) people who have spoken have enjoyed the nod to Japanese street culture, but wonder how long Gwen will keep up the act. As long as the money keeps on comming in, I suppose.

But so what? Maybe she's ruining your Asia, getting it all wrong you know. Her biggest crime seems to be having the sort of cash required to advertise her own patented brand of consumable yellow fever, whereas a good tip would be to keep that sort of fetish on the down low. Even still, I think that if you're an Asian daily who runs a front page spread of Gwen Stefani and her traveling minstrel show and you don't see even a slight tinge of scary irony about the scene, perhaps your own hubris has grown far too large for anyone, anywhere, to defend it.

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