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A few things to consider:

1. No matter what you might think, no matter how hard you hope, no matter how loud you turn up that Combichrist cd, I'm sorry to tell you that, Jhonen Vasquez is not, and will not ever be considered an "artist" in any conventional sense. Grow up.

2. I have as of yet to see Japanese fruit rot, or bread turn moldy, or milk turn into the type of science experiments I was capable of at home. I don't know if I want to know, but I wonder if Japan is using some sort of chemicals to keep this stuff fresh forever... I don't think I've bought eggs off the shelf in any other country, now that I think of it.

3. Some people would say that the Do-Nuts, (creatively pronounced, Doo-Nuts), are a second rate HALCALI ripoff... I'd say that they're first rate HALCALI ripoff! Really, I heard this track (Nagisa no Go-Go Girl), when I first got here in August, a month after it was released, constantly, later I read those same similar charges--- In my mind I pegged the song as the copycat to Giri Giri Surfrider if only for it's same single strophe of nami-nori (into surfing), but only recently found the actual original to seal the deal... (I had only heard it previously on the radio.) I asked my girlfriend if she remembered the song from when I had moved to Japan, and the first thing she asked was, "Eee? HALCALI?"... Pretty condemning evidence.

4. Speaking of HALCALI...

バレバレだって メッセンジャー
爆音鳴った宣伝カー さらされてる 炎天下
駆け抜ける セプテンパーまで

The Messenger vans are in fact, in January, still going strong... selling sweet potatos with the vocal conviction of a No drama. Listen to the Japanese Blimpvert from the Blade Runner soundtrack, and picture someone driving around slowly selling you oil, gyoza or sweet potatos, and you'll get the image perfectly.

...more later.

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