Cool out of context? Don't count on it.

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A Bathing Ape? No! Greedy Genius? Forget about it... The next wave in cool hoodies is being surfed upon by a poorly dressed akiba maid addict with an Issey Ogata via Yi Yi -style haircut in this super-cool jacket on sale at Japanese clothing-outlet, Sanki.

Anyways. Everyone knows that Japanese is the coolest language to get tattooed on your body, decal'd on your car, or even just adorned upon one of those wacky & kooky t-shirts from pornagraphy outlet, J-List--- but what about this?

You could always claim to be remiss in knowing what it meant--- you could claim that the characters on this jacket meant something like Eternal Strength, Kung fu Hippie, Dragon Fist or something equally profound.

Translated, 萌え (もえ) moe is a sort of catchall phrase for certain aspects of what those aforementioned akiba dwellers love, and a word they say when they want to express the fact that they love it.

It's possible this jacket might earn you credits with your other otaku friends, if you were in Japan, were Japanese, and that sort of thing mattered to otaku--- I don't know.

As is, I think you might get more action by wearing one of those strikingly lonely "Looking for a Japanese girlfriend" t-shirts.

It's the sort of credit that only an ero ero rorikon figurine can earn you. Moe is calling, do  you want to accept the charges?

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