Triskaidekaphobia fever!

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Shit, I just realized that today is Friday the 13th... I've gone all day today walking under ladders, in front a black cats, and purposely smashing mirrors and I didn't know I'd be getting my bad luck back TWO-FOLD... (thirteen-fold?).

But seriously, "The Final Chapter", I'm no expert on Jason Vorhees vehicle films, I don't know what movie this film poster came from, but the Friday 13th franchise calling something final is like the Rolling Stones, calling their tour the last tour ever...

Everyone knows that even the Sex Pistols cash in when there's a market for retrospect--- The Eagles even nodded to the fact ...Hell hath indeed frozen over. The one good thing about the Sex Pistols "reunion", was that they brought back Glenn Matlock, the only real reason their music sounded good in the first place--- I'm sure if they could have revived Sid Vicious, the Ernesto "Che" Guevera (ie. a total fraud) of Punk Rock* they would have propped him up next to a bass guitar and he would have sounded just as good as he ever did. Check out extreme action man Sid Vicious, he's punk, he's like your dad's version of Pete Doherty, a junky slob.

(*...see that Che reference? and I'm not trying to sound patronizing, I just don't want to come off all "Dennis Miller" on you). Especially in Japan, people seem to view Che Guevera as a 'bad ass' revolutionary fighting for the people. He might have been fighting for SOME people, but he certainly wasn't fighting for your capitalist economy ass.... Che notably would much rather have shot you, which is a rather casual but not far removed summation of his policies and beliefs).

Remember that when you wear that Che t-shirt.
Also, it's not safe to go back to Crystal Lake, what the fuck, take my advice on this one--- especially if you are a horny camp counselor.

Special Bonus edit: I'm not beyond admiting I'm wrong about something, and casually browsing the inter-net-super-highways today, I stumbled across **this** jawesome list of top ten misconceptions concerning the aformentioned Ernesto "Che" Guevera... Case in point, it states that Guevera, [...] was for state capitalism. He opposed the wage labor system of “appropriating surplus value” (in Marxist jargon) only when it came to private corporations. etc... etc..

Super special aditional Che-History link actionage!
Read it, and take off that damn t-shirt.

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